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Mo-Fr: 9-18 Uhr

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Academic Embassy

Academic Embassy is based in Bonn, a vibrant university town, home of Ludwig van Beethoven and former capital of West Germany. Located in the heart of Germany's biggest academic cluster, Academic Embassy enjoys direct access to one of the most significant student recruitment markets in the world.

Academic Embassy is owner-operated and provides first-class student consulting, based on years of experience in the education industry. Academic Embassy is a trustworthy and reliable way to connect with German students, dedicating its resources to comprehensive and all-encompassing on-site services.

Additionally, Academic Embassy serves as physical representation for education institutions who would like to enjoy the advantages of a full-service representation in the German market without obligating too many of its own resources. We take pride in being a true ambassador of partner institutions all over the world.

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Lars Zimmermann, M.A., MBA

After working for over seven years in the education industry, Academic Embassy's founder and managing director, Lars Zimmermann, decided to establish a recruiting agency specializing in higher education, undergraduate, graduate, postgraduate and PhD programs, adhering to the highest standards.

An exchange student in several stages of his life, milestones of Lars' experiences abroad include a language program in Florida, a high-school year in Idaho, two semesters at a Kalamazoo College in Michigan, work & travel in British Columbia, and a language program at the University of Salamanca (Spain).

Being influenced by his first endeavors, Lars enrolled in University of Bonn's North American Studies program from where he graduated with a master's. After several years in the education industry he decided to earn his MBA with a focus on strategic management, which he concluded with a thesis about the impact of social media in student recruitment.